“I have worked in the restaurant and hotel business for over 40 years….”

I recently was introduced to Karen Schiltz and her vegan cooking through a common friend we share. As a lifelong chef working in restaurants and hotels in I have always been aware of vegan cooking but have never given it a real look. My patrons rarely asked and those that did were easily satisfied with a meal my staff would put together with a typical assortment of grilled vegetables, garbanzo beans and tofu. Not a lot of imagination would ever go into these dishes as we were quite busy feeding most diners the steaks we had prepared.
So, when I was first offered a plate of Karen’s Vegan Shepherd’s Pie with lentils, turmeric and potato, I was immediately taken by the wonderful layers of flavor and texture. As I dined I could not find a thing I did not enjoy about this meal. The lentils made a bountiful filling accented by carrots, parsnips and onion. This topped with a thick layer of whipped potatoes to form the pastry like crust one would expect with a classic shepherd’s pie.
I have tried several other of Karen’s vegan dishes and have found them all to be a wonderful meal. And I look forward to trying any one of her new dishes as she creates them and they become available.
I have worked in the restaurant and hotel business for over 40 years and have participated in numerous American Culinary Federation Competitions and have won medals and awards for my culinary creations. However, my background is not what is important as much as what Karen is creating in her mind and in her kitchen. I can say with complete honesty that I would recommend Karen and her culinary creations to anyone. And you need not be a vegan consumer to thoroughly enjoy the dishes she creates.
F Miller

“Karen has made eating vegan so simple and fun!”

I started working with Karen a couple of months ago. I wanted to start incorporating more plant based foods to my diet but was clueless where to start.
Recently being diagnosed lactose and gluten intolerant I was so overwhelmed by what I could/couldn’t eat. Karen has made eating vegan so simple and fun! She has taken me to the grocery store and educated me as to what to buy and has taught me how to prep and cook the food. Without Karen I wouldn’t have any idea of what to buy and eat and more than likely I would have quit and resorted back to my old way of eating!
Karen is a godsend!

M Garcia

“We learned that she is a great organizer, works efficiently with others and is productive and reliable..”

My husband Jeff and I have known Karen for years and relied on her for several projects. We have a guest house and animal sanctuary and Karen has helped organize and lead many of our fundraising events. We also have been attendees at dinners and other events Karen has organized.

Karen consistently prepared amazing meals that guests were thrilled with. We learned that she is a great organizer, works efficiently with others and is productive and reliable. Often we asked her to work with new people as part of our team and was given no advance notice to plan or communicate before our events. Karen’s ability to work well with a new team and find a way to communicate was impressive. Karen also works well with guests and the endless questions and requests that come from this type of gathering.

We would highly recommend Karen to anyone that needs professional vegan cooking and chef services.

L Robinson-Redd
Red Robin Song Guest House & Animal Sanctuary